How to share your Gaia subscription ?


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So you use Spliiit to share your Gaia account? 

In this article, we will give you the best practices to adopt so that everything goes smoothly.

Important ❗ : The sharing of your Gaia account is then done thanks to the sharing of credentials, we advise you to use a dedicated password to it ! Indeed, by communicating your password, you give de facto access to the administration of your Gaia subscription. However, each user has an individual account, which means that the recommendations made by the algorithm are not altered.

For the owner :

You can share your Gaia account with up to 3 people.

To get started, go to manage profiles

Create the profile of your co-subscribers.

Once the profiles of your co-subscribers have been created, all you have to do is send them the login details for your account.

How to share your Gaia subscription ?

If you need to change the co-subscriber's profile, you will simply have to delete their profile in "manage profiles" and enter the new information.

Don't worry, your co-subscribers will not be able to change your password or access the invoices linked to your Gaia subscription.

How to share your Gaia subscription ?

All you have to do is share your login details with the group members. Your co-subscribers will log in with their credentials, but will be able to access their profile.

How to share your Gaia subscription ?

When you log in, Gaia will ask which profile you wish to use.

How to share your Gaia subscription ?

Your account is shared 🌻 !

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